A Little Bit About Rosie

Founder and CEO

Rosie Moultrie

Humble Beginnings

In June of 1971, Rosie and her three daughters stepped off of a plane in Anchorage looking for a fresh start in the Last Frontier. Anchorage was underdeveloped and opportunity was ripe for the picking. Rosie went to work with WITS Air Freight as a freight forwarder and learned the ways of the business which, at the time, was a bold venture as the freight industry was man's world.


Where others saw fierce winters and unreliable summers, and a wild and brawling frontier, Rosie saw opportunity. With WITS, Rosie continued to learn about the business of freight and transportation, garnering the grudging respect of her peers and cementing herself as competitive woman in a man's world.

In late 1971, seeing that there was too much opportunity to ignore, Rosie struck out on her own. She founded Rosie's Delivery, Inc. chiefly as an in-city courier service. The business grew quickly and as her daughters came of age, they joined the company as drivers. Rosie's all-female delivery service basically pioneered the courier industry in Anchorage and around the state of Alaska.

Today, 47 years later, Rosie still oversees the entire operation, including the introduction of our new division of Rosie's: RDI Global, bringing with her years of experience to shape the future of this company for years to come.

Today at Rosie's

Today, Rosie's Delivery is still going strong as a three-generation, family-owned and operated cargo transportation service. As Rosie's Delivery, we cover all of your courier needs, no matter how big or small.

With the creation of RDI Global LLC, we can handle all of your freight needs, including Hazmat through our in-house freight service. We get your freight wherever you need it to go whether in-state or beyond.


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Fax: (907) 345-8602

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